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James Hastings Joins Secured Carbon as Director of Tax Strategies

Press Release: James Hastings Joins Secured Carbon as Director of Tax Strategies

San Francisco, CA – May 1, 2024 – Secured Carbon is pleased to announce that James Hastings has accepted the position of Director of Tax Strategies, effective immediately. Hastings, who has been an advisor to the company since 2022, brings a wealth of experience in tax law and strategy to this executive role.

Secured Carbon is at the forefront of clean energy andcarbon reduction initiatives. The company specializes in automated tax creditvalidation, origination, and transfer, facilitating the buying and selling of IRA Clean Energy Tax Credits. Secured Carbon ensures compliance and maximizes the financial benefits for businesses engaged in sustainable practices.

James Hastings has an extensive background in tax law, having founded the Law Office of James Hastings, which has served clients with expert legal and financial advice for over a decade. The firm is renowned for its specialization in tax law, providing comprehensive services that include tax planning, regulatory compliance, and legal advisory. Hastings' career is marked by his commitment to excellence and his innovative approach to complex tax issues.

"This is an exciting opportunity to work at the intersection of new tax law and legal-tech with a team of proven startup founders," said Hastings. "I am thrilled to join Secured Carbon and contribute to their mission of driving sustainable economic growth through innovative tax credit solutions."

While taking on this new role, Hastings remains committed to serving his long-term clients at the Law Office of James Hastings and will continue to act as a trusted advisor.