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Tax Automation and Digital Workflow

Using technology to streamline your practice

AICPA's Tax Adviser: Implementing tax automation and digital workflow

In the AICPAs latest Tax Adviser column, Steven Kurinsky explains how to evaluate new technology, demo software and foster commitment among colleagues and employees when implementing new software.

Kurinisky describes the different processes that make up the accountants workflow. One of these is making sure the firm has engagement letters from all of it's clients.

"Each year when tax season rolls around, one of the most daunting tasks is distributing the appropriate organizers and engagement letters to each client. This process is a prime target for streamlining. Consider incorporating features such as e-signatures, mobile access, fields prepopulated with clients' information, and other automated practices. A paperless document management system could become a real timesaver."

As an attorney, I recognized the importance of engagement letters with my clients. First, they are an opportunity to demonstrate value and market to your existing clients. It also spells out the terms of the engagement and avoids misunderstanding. Lastly, it is the accountant's number one defense against credit risk (the risk a client won't pay) and practice risk.

Unfortunately, many accountants don't use engagement letters. They are a non-billable, administrative chore right in the middle of tax season. This is precisely why I started Engage for CPAs. The app automates the engagement letter process and compresses it into a matter of minutes.

You can read about my experience using Engage here.